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A review from one of our awesome patients

So sweet, we had to share! A review from one of our awesome patients... Sweetest Crew in the West We love Dr. Ameer and her office staff. Always caring, kind, never pushing you to spend more than necessary and always making the health of our babies a priority.I love how they have since the beginning empowered my son to take steps of his own accord and how we discuss the possibilities of his treatments so he feels he has a say too.The cutest moment was when after being traumatized by over a year of different hospitalizations, he faced the possibility of another extraction. We were informed by Dr. Ameer and he decided to walk out of the office and go home to make a decision, which we respected, but once he stepped outside, he asked to sit down and "pray about it". When he finished he opened his little eyes and said: - Mommy I have to do this. I know if I wait it will hurt more, but If I go now, the worst that can happen is the laughing gas because they all make sure I don't hurt, so let's just go back inside". Mind you, my poor kid at only 10 have been thru some major dental work. But I always feel safe knowing this entire office will support him on the journey! And most importantly, so does my son. - Jana R.

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Review from Denise Negron

This is why we do this. So glad we could make a difference for Alejandro! So happy that my son Alejandro overcame the traumatic experience that he used to have in the dentist. I am so thrilled to find a wonderful dentist who has the patient and the compassion to work with him so easy. He goes by himself and I don't even have to be there. He is so HAPPY and he doesn't even complain. Thank you God for putting Angels on our way and thank you to Palm Beach Children's Dentistry and Dr. Lisa Ameer. Super highly recommended!

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