What to Expect on Your Child’s First Visit

Dr. Ameer understands the anxiety parents experience when bringing their child to the dentist, especially if it’s a little one or an extremely nervous child. We all care for our children and should always be concerned for their safety. Dr. Ameer invites parents to escort their child to the back, help make their child comfortable, and then return to the reception area when they feel secure. For young children, we may ask that only one parent stay during their entire visit to make it an easy transition.

For future visits, we ask that you allow us to build a confident relationship with your child on their own. If at any time you’d like to see how your child is doing, we invite you to be escorted to the treatment area and silently observe our interaction with your child.

We do this because our experience and studies have shown that children 3 years and older react more positively when they are allowed to be independent and have their dental experience in a child-friendly atmosphere. This means that for routine cleanings and other minor treatments, your child will be taken care of in our open bay area. This allows for each child to feel at ease seeing other children doing the same thing. For the safety and privacy of other patients in the treatment areas, we may place you and your child in a private room, if one is available, for care and treatment if it seems best for you to stay with your child.

We do ask that. if you are going to prepare your child for their visit, please do not use terms such as “needle”, “shot”, “pain.” or “pull”. We have great expertise in conveying to your child what will happen in very pleasant and child-friendly terms.

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